Group 1

Day 1

Day 1  1 The party are at the stop off point ....all happy
Day 1  2
The group arrived at the hostel at around 1pm - all safe and sound. More pics to follow later.
Picture 1
After lunch, the children took part in the Town Trail....exploring Sheringham in the sunshine.
Picture 1
The children have all had a settled night (they were asleep by 12.30) and are now preparing for the day ahead.....more to follow....(high speed intrnet hasn't made it's way to that part of the world so photos are limited at the moment but we'll keep you as informed as we can).
Picture 1
The children had a great day at Sheringham Park today. They are now on their way to the lifeboat station. The weather has been very good; sun and cloud all day. Miss Taylor tells me there have been 10 spots of rain only. smiley


Tuesday 1
Tuesday 2

The children had a very quiet night last night - all asleep for 10.30pm and had to be woken at 7.30am. Breakfast was at 8.

It rained in the night and fingers are crossed that the party are having better weather than we are up here!

All is well - the party are half way to Cromer and having ice cream....a few bits of rain but generally fine.

The few bits of rain from the last post turned into lots more rain.

They decided to come back from Cromer on the train which is the bad weather strategy. Everyone has now dried out, thawed out, played a few games and are having tea.

One more sleep and they will be back with you!

The children had a good night.

They have had an ice cream on the sea front. The sun is shining and they have had lots of wind for their kite flying.

They are setting off back very soon.

On the Beach

On the Beach 1
On the Beach 2
The bus is on the way back and is around the Kings Lynn area - it is on time at the moment.