House captains

Every child is in one of the four houses- Manor, Saxon, Templar and Knight. For each house there are two house captains (a boy and a girl) and two vice captains ( a boy and a girl) from Y6. Each house vote for who they want as their captains. Meet this years house and vice captains:

Knight- House captains

Knight- House captains 1 Daniel and Emily

Knight- Vice captains

Knight- Vice captains  1 Harry and Lauren

Saxon- House captains

Saxon- House captains 1 Joshua and Ellie

Saxon- Vice captains

Saxon- Vice captains 1 Harley and Ruby

Templar- House captains

Templar- House captains 1 Luke and Bo

Templar- Vice Captains

Templar- Vice Captains 1 Jacob and Ruby

Manor- House captains

Manor- House captains 1 Ben and Maizie

Manor- Vice captains

Manor- Vice captains 1 Thomas and Molly