3Y Forest School Day

On 1st October we had an amazing day at forest school and can’t wait to go again! Here are some pictures of what we got up to.

Starting our day around the fire circle

Building dens

Den complete- but is it showerproof?

Creating pictures using nature

The finished masterpiece!

Toasting marshmallows

3H Forest School Day

On the 24th September 3H spent the day in Forest School. We created pictures using nature, built dens, roasted a marshmallow and lots more. We had an amazing day! 

All sat around the fire to start the day

Challenge- find something yellow and something beautiful!

Trying to make a spark

We did it!

Creating artwork using things that can be found around forest school


Den building

Great teamwork!

The finished result!

Some even have their own fire circle and washing line!

Ready to toast marshmallows

Respect position


Year 3 Stone Age day 

On the 10th September we had a Stone Age day where we took part in a variety of activity throughout the day. We created a timeline of events that happened in the Stone Age period, we built Stone Age houses, discovered what they ate and became archaeologists for a day. It was great fun! 

Creating a timeline of events

Can you work out if they were from the Stone, Bronze or Iron age from what they ate?

Being archaeologists

Sorting objects that would and wouldn’t last 1000 years

Making Stone Age houses

3Y Forest school