4D's Poetry rendition of 'Don't' by Michael Rosen

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We went to Lincoln Castle to discover more about Romans! We pretended to be archaeologists to find out more about artefacts from Roman times!

We were pretending to be in the Roman army!

We are making shields for our empire!

Scutum making was great fun.
We tried out the replica scutum!
We learnt about the different types of armour.
We learnt the latin names for them.
The Roman armour was really well designed.
The red crest was made from horsehair.
The Romans could see the Celts coming!
We found out that the helmets were very heavy!
We learnt about what it was like in 'Lindum'.

Roman Drill

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The Centurion was very strict. We managed to survive the beanbag attack!

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