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Bottesford Junior School

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Bottesford Junior School


Summer 1

Acting out the Beatitudes in RE

Story mapping 'How to trap a dragon!'

Stop frame animation linked to our class book-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Investigating muffins as part of out DT

Taste testing for inspiration for our chocolate haiku

Spring 2

Making our stay safe poster in jigsaw

Measuring length

Kite design and research

Learning about Holy Communion

Making Mother's Day cards

Exploring fossils

Testing properties of rock

Playing shuffle ball in PE

Drawing spring flowers

Yes/no questions in ICT

Making chocolate rocks to learn about the different types

Learning about Christian beliefs

Creating sculptures of the Trinity

Tag rugby skills in PE

Creating tally charts

Sorting objects into their attributes in ICT

Hot seating in literacy

Creating stop frame animation in ICT

Our finished stop frame animation

Still image for this video

Retelling our newspaper report using our story map

Dragon hunting as our literacy hook

Working on French greetings using the puppets

Spring 1

Looking at Christian beliefs and Christian symbols

Creating a keynote about fruit in French

Painting our landscapes

Practicing different walks in PE

Working on our spellings

We shared our favourite book to other members of the class

Trying to control our paintbrush to paint in the lines

Analysing an artists work

Jump Start Johnny in PE

Creating a flip book in ICT learning about stop frame animation

Marking Bottesford Beck on a map

Sports hall athletics in PE

Using numicon to help us with our maths

Using puppets to retell a warning story in literacy


Walking with control in PE

Our exciting literacy hook for our next piece of writing

Working out multiplication word problems using the bar model to help us

Autumn 2

Dance in PE

Sorting formal and informal language — how would you talk to the King ?

Creating a new dance move in PE

Reading maps using grid references

Playing French number bingo

Autumn 1

Finding clues to solve a puzzle and thinking about being an archaeologist

Finding out which materials are reflective

Acting out the story- Stone Age Boy

Investigating 'What is light?'

Investigating reflections by trying to follow line on the playground.

Finding similarities and differences hunter-gatherers and farmers in Stone Age life.

Mirroring each other in PE

Finding out which materials were translucent, opaque and transparent.

Practicing balances in PE

Estimating where numbers go on a numberline.

Another experiment investigating light

Using base 10 to help us with subtraction for when we have to cross into the tens.

Writing up our story based on the stone age boy.

Working on our daily spelling activities

Painting our stone age pots