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Bottesford Junior School

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Summer 1

Using different media on our perspective drawings

Creating 3D models in ICT

Working as a team in PE

Perspective drawing

Measuring angles

Reading ‘The Storm’ ready to write our own ending

Spring 2

Acting out the conversation between Cameron, his parents and Dr Bryce from Pig Heart Boy

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Solving a fractions puzzle

What do we think will happen in this book?

Creating a scatter graph of our results in science

World book day activities

Measuring our heart rates after doing different activities

Rugby skills in PE

Researching facts about polar bears

Making blood smoothies

Spring 1

How are you? In Spanish

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Creating a website about polar bears

Learning about the significance of a dove in Christianity

Cross country

Circuit training in PE

Reading the book ‘The Last Bear’ for reading comprehension

Creating electrical circuits

Looking at an atlas to work out lines of longitude and latitude

Autumn 2

Designing an aqiqah invitation in RE

Using brushing to create Northern Lights artwork

Learning about periscopes and having a go at making one

Learning about shadows in science

Writing up our description of Hepzibahs kitchen

What would different members of the family be thinking when it was announced that England had declared war on Germany?

Autumn 1

Locating the allies and the axis countries of WW2

Pretending we were evacuees and getting chosen by our host families

Learning a song to create a round in music

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Ordering different time periods

What do we want to find out about WW2?

Playing a game in science to classify animals

Designing our own invasion game in PE

Science experiment about mouldy bread

Discussing what it would feel like being an evacuee on the train to the countryside.

Creating our own classification system for liquorice allsorts.

Creating our own rhythm in music.

Classifying plants

What’s in the pencil case?

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Creating our own mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish based on specific characteristics

Making WW2 gardens with an Anderson shelter

Moksha snakes and ladders in RE

Making paper spitfires

The colours of clothes in French using the masculine and feminine form