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Bottesford Junior School

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Bottesford Junior School

Our Work

Summer 1

Thinking about how imagery is created in music

Learning the rules of quick cricket

Some pupils from Fred Gough came to teach us PE

Investigating thermal insulators and conductors in science

Learning the recovery position

Spring 2

Counting to 20 in Spanish

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Our Crime and Punishment posters

Playing a game where we have to add fractions

Our finished musical instruments

Decorating our musical instruments

Learning colours in Spanish

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Researching different careers in Jigsaw


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Practicing skills for tag rugby

Using a pair of compasses, to draw a circle, to make an Alice in Wonderland inspired clock

Spring 1

Writing our Mr Gum stories

Counting in Spanish

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Creating a sequence of balances and rolls in PE

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Group work about the medieval times

Our first Spanish lesson

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Testing friction in science by trying to pick up jelly using pencils

We created our own character for our story in literacy

Sports hall athletics in PE

Creating our own character in literacy

Practicing different rolls in PE

Working hard in maths

In science we have been investigating air resistance.

Autumn 2

5T dancing, Halloween themed, in PE

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5S’s turn

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Science experiment looking at the shadow during different times in the day

Recording our results in a bar chart

Collaging in art

Finishing our polar collages

Autumn 1

Our amazing alien poems

Working out how far away the planets are from the sun in science

Practicing chest, bounce and overhead passes in PE

Great shots!

Reciting our class text in Literacy

Phases of the moon using Oreos.

Creating a model of the Earth orbiting the Sun.

Creating a timeline to show where Ancient Egypt is compared to other time periods

More phases of the moon using oreos