On Wednesday the 4th of December the schools cross country championship took place at the very muddy Coop ground in Scunthope with over 20 schools taking part. We are proud to announce that our y3/4 boys teams came 2nd and 12th place with the y3/4 girls going one better and finished in 1st place. The y5/6 girls were impressive with not only winning the team 1st place and 12th place but had Katie sprinting across the finish line in 1st place with her sister Jessica right behind her in 3rd. The final race was an amazing battle between the y 5/6 boys! Sam was the 1st boy over the finish line closely followed in quick succession by the rest of the team allowing us the gain the team 1st and 5th place. A huge thank you to all those parents and staff that provided lifts to all the children that took part, you were an absolute credit to the school. We have one extremely happy Cavany!

School Sport Timetable 

The sporting facilities on the lower playground have enabled us to provide sporting opportunities for all pupils throughout the school during the school day. A structured timetable led by Mr Smith led allows for the whole school to be involved in organised and inclusive sport throughout the day, at morning and afternoon play for specific year groups whilst lunch times being an opportunity for all year groups.

Sports on the playground