Sports premium grant

Sport Premium Grant


The Sports Premium Grant that we have received for the academic year 2016/17 has helped develop the school’s already strong sporting tradition, allowing the school to continue to develop sporting opportunities and provision throughout all year groups.

The grant has enabled the school to continue to employ a full-time Sports and Learning Mentor. This is a role which enables the school to provided organised and structured sporting and physical opportunities throughout play times and lunchtimes whilst also providing support and assistance in supporting roles or when leading a small group within a classroom environment.

As well as improving PE provision this role has also enabled our school to offer more after-school sporting opportunities, for example now being able to offer cricket as an extra-curricular for all year groups.

In line with this new role within school, much of the Sport Premium Grant has been directed towards developing the lower playground, making it a more enclosed PE environment for a variety of sports (including goals and basketball rings) throughout the day and all year round. This is a new facility which now enables all years to compete, develop and learn new sports whilst remaining active within a physically educational environment. This impact of the Sports Premium Grant can be seen in the attached document and is supported by the evidence shown on the Sports section of this website.



Our financial outlay on sports, including new equipment, employing specialist staff, buying into collaborative PE networks and extra professional development courses has been over £20,000.


The quality of our sports provision has been praised by Ofsted in recent inspections.....


‘The new sports funding is spent wisely. Coaches ensure that the skills of teachers in the school improve and new equipment has been purchased which promotes the development of new skills for pupils, for example in basketball. ‘


‘The school provides a wide variety of sporting activities in which pupils can take part, for example cross country running and tag rugby. This has a good impact on pupils’ physical well-being. The school has entered a number of inter-school competitions with great success. ‘



Teaching of sports is of a very high standard in our school which, again , was recognised by Ofsted


‘In a Year 6 games session all pupils’ skills were developed outstandingly well. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and had clearly gained in competence. Coaching clearly indicated the ways pupils could improve their skills. ‘

Sports Premium Report and PE Audit - 2018/19 Updated October 2020