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Ask Bella
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Hi -I'm Bella

Are you worried about anything? If you are, I might be able to help. If you describe your problem in the box below, I will have a think about it and then I will reply, giving you some advice on what to do about it, or maybe with a suggestion about who the best person is to tell.

I hope that I can help with any type of problem; school problems, home problems and anything inbetween- if it is worrying you, I can probably help.


I won't tell any adults about your problem unless I think that you are not safe. 



I look forward to hearing from you....just fill in the  contact below and I will reply to you using the email that you type into the form.


Love from Bella 

Ask Bella

Type your message into the box and Bella will reply to you very soon using the same email that you give in the form.