Celebrations and thanks

The Easter concert
A week before the Easter break, we held an Easter concert. Everybody took part, and school council spoke and told the Easter Story. Everyone sang songs about Easter, including 'The Easter Story'.We were surprised at the amount of people who turned up, and we're happy at how well it turned out.
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Thompson Day
At the end of the Autumn Term, our school held a celebration to honour David Thompson, who sadly passed away in the Summer. We named this 'Thompson Day'. Mr Thompson had served as the Chair of Governors for twenty-five years, and came to every one of our concerts and celebration evenings in that time. We are doing as much as we can to remember him. For example, the Thompson gardens are being created to the side of the school, and to help Mr Brown, the Thompson Team. Mr Thompson will be remembered for years to come.  
The Tour of Britain

On the first day back at school, everyone went outside to watch the Tour of Britain. The organisers of the race handed out flags, and banners to lots of the children. The race included lots of racing legends, as well as past world champions/olympians. Everyone enjoyed it, and waved to the cameras and racers. We all had a brilliant day! 

The Christmas Concert
We had a brrrrrilliant Christmas concert in December 2017. It was held at St Peter's church. Each year group told us something about a Continent's Christmas traditions. Year 3 told us about Europe, Year 4 told us about South America, Year 5 told us about Africa and Year 6 told us about Asia.