Pals are our playground monitors. Meet our pals:

PALS are specially selected and trained pupils. They have a range of jobs in school. In some ways they act as prefects and monitors. Their most important job, however, is in helping to keep all of our children happy and safe. They are trained in anti-bullying strategies, e-safety and a range of other areas that children of their age may need to be protected from.

PALS have a different school uniform than the rest of the school. Their red shirts and sweaters mean that they are easily identified by staff and pupils. They wear their red uniform with pride!

PALS have a weekly meeting with Mr Brown where they inform him about what is happening in school and also receive their training. This also makes sure that they are being supervised and are able to talk about any aspect of their role that is challenging them.

The PALS have a recording system that they fill in during the day so that staff can look for patterns and trends in playtime behaviour.