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Billy and Bella

Billy and Bella were created when Calvin Innes came into school and worked with school council. They worked nearly all day to create the perfect school representatives. Everybody loved Billy and Bella at the big reveal the next day. After a hard day of editing and creating, Billy and Bella finally came to life and had their first day at a new school! 

Billy and Bella are our wonderful 'virtual' pupils.


Billy and Bella help us to talk about things both in and out of school.

Just like everyone else, they are not perfect - but they are both very good at learning from their mistakes!

We hope that you will help us to help Billy and Bella when they have problems.


If you have a problem and you think that Billy or Bella could help with, contact them for some advice - they might be able to help you and they will know what to do if they are not able to help.