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School Uniform


At Bottesford Junior School, we ensure that we promote an atmosphere that encourages effort, enjoyment and a celebration of the achievements of all our pupils.

Our school’s concern for these high standards is also reflected in the pride we take in our school uniform and feeling of belonging it creates.

We also believe that school uniform prevents the inevitable loss of self-esteem caused to individual children should a family not be able or willing to provide the newest, most expensive or fashionable clothing and equipment. In addition, our school uniform eliminates any tensions between children, and in extreme circumstances, bullying that could arise due to perceived differences between children.


Our uniform consists of navy sweatshirts or cardigans, white shirts or polo shirts.  These should be worn with plain black, grey or navy trousers, skirts, pinafore dresses or tailored shorts. Shorts should be of a suitable length. Cropped trousers are not part of our school uniform.  Plain black school shoes or training shoes should be worn at all times as part of the uniform. Boots that are higher than the ankle are not suitable footwear for everyday use in school.  A change of footwear is required for P.E. lessons.




P.E. and Games are compulsory elements of the National Curriculum.  Children need a change of clothing and footwear to take part in P.E. and Games lessons. They are expected to change into this specifically for their lesson and not wear it during the school day.


For indoor P.E. children require plain light blue t-shirts and navy/black shorts. They normally work in bare feet but in the event of a foot infection should wear soft-soled plimsolls. For outdoor PE lessons pupils require t-shirts and hoodies (both light blue), shorts, plain joggers or leggings and trainers.  Boots with studs will not be worn for lessons but for clubs and team involvement, they may be needed. It is advisable that children bring a sweatshirt or tracksuit for use in colder weather and also long socks and shin pads for protection when playing football.

Any pupil representing school in an event must be equipped with a light blue t-shirt. 


Swimming - Children in Year 5 take swimming lessons as part of the Games Curriculum.  They will need a bag to hold their kit, all of which should have owners’ names clearly marked.


Jewellery  - Jewellery worn in school should be minimal and limited to a wrist-watch.  Chains and bracelets are not allowed.  Only studs should be worn in pierced ears.  Rings are not permitted as they can create a danger to both the wearer and others in the school situation.  It is essential that any children with any form of body piercing should be able to remove any jewellery from these piercings themselves for P.E. and games. New piercings can be covered by a plaster, provided by you, for a maximum of 6 weeks. However, we would prefer that piercings are only undertaken at the beginning of the Summer Holiday.  It is a legal requirement that no jewellery be worn for P.E. and games.


It is also important that head bands and clips should be appropriate (plain in colour) and fit in with the general tone of the school uniform. We ask pupils to not wear bows or other types of headwear eg, bandanas.


Finally, we ask that parents ensure that their children do not attend school wearing nail varnish, acrylic nails or make up.


We also sell pre-loved uniform on an ongoing basis - please visit our pre-loved uniform page for more information Click here