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Bottesford Junior School

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Bottesford Junior School

School Garden

Our school garden was originally created in 2017. It is within the Thomson Garden.

We have lots of great resources and equipment - a large polytunnel, raised beds, a shed for equipment and a large cabin for working under cover.

We aim to work on the garden all year round and produce food in an environmentally friendly way.

We use 'no-dig' principles based on the work and ideas of Charles Dowding. The main focus of the club is to educate the whole school on the advantages of growing plants - ranging from the environmental benefits to the economic advantages.

So that this is a whole school initiative, we give all children an opportunity to work in the garden at least once per term as part of their termly Forest School activity day.

Our aim is that the children carry out all tasks (supervised of course) - watering plants, weeding etc.

When we sow seeds we make sure that we have lots of surplus to eventually sell to families as part of a small-scale enterprise activity with the proceeds being re-invested into buying more seeds and equipment.

Within the Garden Diary page is an on-going diary of the garden to keep everyone informed of how the garden is developing. We hope that you make regular visits to keep updated on the progress of this wonderful part of our school.

We are extremely proud to say that we were asked to write a section for the Charles Dowding newsletter - hope you enjoy it!