Our Ethos and Values


Our Ethos:

We believe that children should have a safe and stimulating environment in which to develop their awareness and knowledge of the world. We believe that education should be broad based and that the development of positive attitudes and skills is fundamental to learning. We believe that the school has a major role in encouraging children to care, to question and to strive to do the best possible. This involves the development of social skills and respect for others alongside the development of self esteem and self control. 

Our Values: 

  • We treat each other with respect.

  • We promote the use of good manners.

  • We respect our school environment.

  • We respect our property and the property of others.

  • We work to the best of our ability and allow others to do the same.

  • We value quietness and order.



In order to support these values the following rules are necessary and need to be understood by all children and parents:


Our School Rules


  • We respect other people and show good manners at all times.

  • We are kind, caring and helpful to each other.

  • We do as we are asked, first time, and never answer back.

  • We look after and respect all school property and the property of other people.

  • We walk quietly in and around school.