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Bottesford Junior School

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Bottesford Junior School

Our Behaviour System

At our school, we value good behaviour. If we are well behaved, we learn more. Children who are not behaving well take the teachers away from us and stop us from learning. 

If we behave well there are a range of rewards such as certificates, Dojo points, half termly treats and larger end of term treats. If we misbehave, there is a clear system of sanctions.


Our Behaviour Boards

Each member of the class has their name on a magnetic strip. Everybody starts each day on the green section. 

If we do something good, or give a really good answer, we could be moved up into the 'wow' zone at the top of the board - we get dojo points for this.

If we do something that results is us not being either Ready, Respectful or Safe, we get a warning and our name is moved closer to the line. If we do something wrong again, we go into the amber zone. At playtime, we go to the office to explain to Mr Brown why we have been behaving badly.

If after this, we still carry on being badly behaved, we go to Mr Brown and he decides if we have moved into the red zone. If we go into the red zone, we lose a full day's playtimes (we sit with the first aider and do work). This is a serious punishment, but we will have done quite a few things wrong and had lots of chances to stop misbehaving. If a person does something really bad, such as swearing or hurting someone,they can go straight into the red zone without any warnings.

Not many people go into the red zone at our school.


We also have certificates given to the highest point scorer in each class and each week the House Team with the most points gets extra time on the outdoor play equipment.


Our Behaviour Policy